The Restaurant

The great French classics sublimated by the know-how of "L'Auberge du Mont Saint Mard"
A palette of gourmet flavours that reflects the richness and diversity of our craftsmanship.
It is in the quality of the raw materials that the secret of a great product lies.
"L'Auberge du Mont Saint Mard" takes care to select all its products according to their origin and presents you a diversified range elaborated only with fresh products.
Each creation of "L'Auberge du Mont Saint Mard" is the result of this perfect alchemy between perfume, flavour, texture and colour.
All our creations are the result of a deep and inexpressible inspiration, linked to childhood memories as well as distant journeys.

L'Auberge, Mont Saint Mard restaurant: gastronomic restaurant in the forest of Compiègne in the Oise in Vieux Moulin near St Jean aux Bois, Margny-lès-Compiègne, Pierrefonds, Cuise la motte, Rethondes, Vaudrampont, La croix saint Ouen, Morienval, Choisy-au-Bac, villers cotterets, Noyon, Senlis, Clairoix, Thourotte, Longueil Sainte Marie, 45 minutes from Paris.

Business meals, family meals, baptisms, birthdays, weddings, seminars, cousinades, business meals, groups and tourism.
Courses in pastry, chocolate, cooking, oenology...