• LE MOULIN DE L'ORTILLE A place called : L'Ortille à Compiègne 60 200 Fixe : 03 44 83 63 05 Mob : 06 63 15 32 67
At the end of a forest path, you will see the property's large wrought iron gate, and you can already feel the warm and caring atmosphere of this enchanting place. You take the time... The time to observe along this path that leads you to the Mill, the beauty of the park and the abundant life. No doubt, you know that you have arrived... And you discover the charm of this old 18th century mill nestled in the heart of one of the most beautiful forest estate in France. A stone's throw from the Imperial Castle of Compiègne, an escape from the Castle of Pierrefonds and less than an hour from Paris. At the edge of the reach, the welcoming is warm and invites you to settle down, to relax....
3 bedrooms